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Name:Claire Bennet
Birthdate:Mar 19
Location:New York, United States of America
age: 20 (though younger through the series)
personality: Claire always tries to do the right thing no matter what the physical cost to herself. She is a sociable person who likes interacting with others but feels hurt when people call her a freak. She is rebellious and often goes against the wishes of family members, even if it is not in her best interests. Claire is focused, if there is something she wants or wants to know she will pursue it. She is also loyal, kind and family oriented.

special abilities/skills: Rapid Cellular Regeneration - Rapid cellular regeneration gives Claire the ability to heal from many types of wounds quickly be they caused by fire, electricity the breaking of bones that can accompany falls from high places and gun shot wounds. This ability also allows her to come back from death. If seriously injured (for example, something lodged in her brain) she will not be able to heal until it has been removed. She can also regrow her body parts.

Flexibility/Gymnastics - Claire has been a prominent member of her high school cheer leading team. This shows that she has the skills to perform somersaults, cartwheels and complex jumps.

Verses Canon: Can be from any point within the canon of the show.
A Brave New World: What happens after Claire jumps off the ferris wheel.

(Not Hayden Panettiere, not associated with Heroes or NBC. This journal is for entertainment purposes! Muse and Mun are over 18)
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